Our course includes 12 lessons – this is 4 weeks of practice:
1 week: disassemble and perform 3 sets of hatha yoga to work out the whole body, and also do a primary test for endurance and strength;
Week 2: we perform these complexes in an easy mode;
Week 3: gradually increase the load in previously performed asanas;
Week 4: we gradually increase the load in the previously performed asanas, and also do the final test for endurance and strength (to monitor progress in practice).



This course is aimed at:
strengthening the muscles of the legs, arms, back and abs,
development of strength, endurance and patience,
preparation for complex strength and flexibility asanas.
Classes are suitable for beginners, and will also be of interest to people with an average level of training in hatha yoga.
Each lesson of the course is a full-fledged set of hatha yoga with a warm-up, main and final parts.

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